The Jazz, Classical Music and Music in Education departments of Conservatorium Maastricht are a constant hub of activity. We perform in the Netherlands and abroad, organise projects that capture the imagination, and strive to collaborate, whenever possible, with interesting national and international partners in the worlds of music as well as art, education and business. All our projects are listed on our calendar.

Our partnerships

Amati ensemble
Ainsi (dependance Theater aan het Vrijthof)
Assocation Européenne des Conservatoire
Basiliek Sint Servaas, Maastricht
Centre Céramique, Maastricht
Conservatoria (38) , including: Cultuurcentrum De Kimpel in Bilzen (Belgium)
DCKL (music schools in Limburg)
Faculty of Arts Maastricht: Festival Bruis

Gemeente Maastricht
Hustinx Stichting
Innovative Conservatoire
Intro in Situ, Maastricht
Jazz Maastricht
Kopermolen, Vaals
Kumulus Maastricht
Ludwig Forum, Aken Germany
Mensendieck Point for RSI-complaints
MAD Faculty Genk
Motives for Jazz Belgium
Muziekgieterij Maastricht
Musician's clinic at the academic hospital Maastricht, dr. Vera Baadjou (especially for foreign students)
Nederlands Jeugd Orkest
Nieuwe Kunstenaars Maastricht
Openlucht Theater Valkenburg
Opera Zuid, Maastricht
Parcours, opening cultural season Maastricht
Parkstad Limburg Theaters, Heerlen
philharmonie zuidnederland
Prinses Christina Concours
PXL Hasselt
Rotary Maastricht
Stichting Jong voor Oud
Stichting Matty Niël
Stichting Limburgse Componisten
Tefaf, Maastricht
Theater aan het Vrijthof (i.a. Jazz Maastricht Festival), Maastricht / AINSI
Universiteit Maastricht
United World College
World Music Contest Kerkrade
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences