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Master of Arts (Educational track)

If you have completed your Bachelor in Education degree, you may consider doing a Master's degree in Education in Arts, which allows you to improve your career prospects and broaden your musical horizon. This two-year internationally-oriented and demanding Master's degree programme, offered by Zuyd Faculty of Arts, is student-centred, gives you the chance to develop your talent and specialisation, and trains you to become a highly versatile music educator of the highest level. The programme will be tailored to your entry level, motivation and learning questions, within a set qualification framework. You will also receive student guidance and research supervision. In any case, you are an independent, enterprising and musical personality. You are not afraid of self-reflection and are aware of the social, cultural and international context of your professional practice.

For more information please contact Marc Rutten, head of Department by email.


The Master's programme offered by Zuyd Faculty of Arts, is a wide degree course (120 ECs) which, compared to other Master's degrees in Arts Education in Dutch higher professional education (HBO), is characterised by its objective and matter-of-fact approach to arts education. Courses such as cultural management, art policy and research skills ensure the development of a down-to-earth and critical view on the failure and success factors in arts-educational reality.

During this Master's programme, you will study in a diverse group of students and be taught in an interdisciplinary and assignment-based way by a small team of lecturers who provide intensive and tailor-made guidance throughout the year. You will learn to examine critical situations in arts education in a well-founded way, and provide solutions to problems identified in the professional field.

The first year consists of four course units. Each unit features educational development, artistic development, philosophy of art (education), art policy and cultural entrepreneurship, and research skills. Year two is dedicated to your individual specialisation by means of the 'masterpiece': the extensive research and graduation project of the programme. For more information, please mail Marc Rutten, head of the Department.