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The Conservatorium Maastricht Booking Agency kills two musical birds with one stone. On the one hand, businesses and private individuals can book our most talented and pre-selected musicians for performances at e.g. (wedding) parties, living room concerts or public recitals. On the other hand, it offers our Jazz and Classical Music students from over 42 countries the chance to perform more often, gain stage experience and showcase their broad repertoire.

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So please do not hesitate to put these top talents in the spotlight and complete the form below, preferably at least three weeks before the intended performance. We are happy to discuss any wishes with regard to the programme and instruments, or advise you on our soloists, duos, piano trios, string quartets, ensembles, combos, combos with DJ and (big) bands. Rates start at €75 per hour per musician, but vary depending on the level of the musician and any specific requests concerning the repertoire or ensemble combinations. Once our proposal has been accepted, further communication and payment will take place directly between the person making the booking and the musician(s).

By sending an email to the Booking Agency stating your name, event and genre you would like to book. The mailbox will get checked every Monday & Tuesday so we will contact you as soon as possible.

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The Booking Agency offers you, as a student or graduate of Conservatorium Maastricht, the opportunity to perform more regularly in Limburg and the Euregion, and work on your career during and after your studies with us. We invite you to sign up with the Booking Agency by completing the form below.

NB: you also need to upload several files! If we receive a request that matches your profile, we will call you. Please note that although we try to create performance opportunities for all those on our roster, we cannot provide any guarantees. So if you want to perform, we recommend that you also use other (social) media as well!