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Adrie Bisschop

Adrie Bisschop (born 1956) has taught Bassoon, Double Bassoon, Methodology and Chamber Music in the Classical Music department of Conservatorium Maastricht since 1983. He is also an academic guidance counsellor. He teaches private lessons and masterclasses. He studied Bassoon with Paul Paulissen at Conservatorium Maastricht, as well as Chamber Music and Double Bassoon. He attended international chamber music courses in Sweden during his studies.

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Albrecht Holder

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General admission requirements

Specific admission requirements Bassoon

Scales and chords

  • major and minor scales up to three sharps and flats, including accompanying triads
  • ability to demonstrate the above using different playing styles and over a three-octave range where possible.


Perform three etudes of contrasting character, choice of:

  • K. Pivonka : little or rhythmical etudes
  • L. Milde :25 Scale studies
  • L. Milde :50 Konzertstudien (Volumes 1 and 2)

Recital pieces

Performing two recital pieces, choice of:

  • E. van Koch :Monolog no.5
  • G. Pierné :Solo de Concert
  • C. de Groot :Bassonnerie 1962


  • J. Besozzi :Sonata for Bassoon and piano
  • H. Mulder :Sonata no. 5


B. de Boismortier : Concert in D major

  • C. Stamitz : Concert in F for bassoon and orchestra
  • J.F. Fasch : Concerto

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