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David Lodewyckx

David Lodewyckx (1978) is a lecturer of Music Theory and Music History at Conservatorium Maastricht. He obtained Master degrees in Harmony and Counterpoint Studies at the Lemmens Institute (2003) and Musicology at the KU University (2007), both in Leuven, Belgium. In addition, he completed the Ergänzungsstudium Musiktheorie at the Schola Cantorum in Basel, Switzerland (2014).

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Inge Pasmans

As well as being a main subject lecturer in Music Theory at Conservatorium Maastricht, decorated pianist Inge Pasmans (born 1980) teaches General Theory Subjects in the Music in Education department and the Classical Music department (Bachelor's programme). She also works as a research coach in the Master's programme in Classical Music. As a pianist, she performs with various chamber music ensembles and choirs.

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General admission requirements

Specific admission requirements Music Theory

    The candidate must be able to:
    • take an aural test (to admission requirement standard) to demonstrate a well-trained or trainable ear
    • demonstrate an adequate proficiency in piano
    • submit papers exploring the theme of harmony and/or counterpoint and/or analysis
    • ability to read professional articles in English, German and French
    The candidate's performance is assessed in a range of areas, including interview.

    The candidate is assessed on the following components:
    • Fundamentals of music theory
    • Aural skills – sight-singing
    • Harmony, analysis and counterpoint
    • The work submitted
    • Practical harmony
    • Performance of piano literature
    • Sight-reading skills
    • Motivation interview