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Jean Pierre Cnoops

Saxophonist and conductor Jean-Pierre Cnoops (born 1969) has been a Saxophone teacher at Conservatorium Maastricht since 2011. Cnoops studied Saxophone at Conservatorium Maastricht and the ArtEZ School of Music in Enschede with Adri van Velsen and Arno Bornkamp respectively. He obtained his teaching qualification in 1992. He graduated as a performing musician in 1995 and was awarded the Dagblad Tubantia Prize for the best examination performance. In that same year, he also obtained the Vriendenkrans of the Royal Concertgebouw and the Concertgebouw Orchestra. During his studies, he took masterclasses with renowned saxophonists such as Daniel Deffayet and Claude Delangle.

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Eva van Grinsven

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General admission requirements

Specific admission requirements Saxophone

    Scales and chords
    • major and minor scales up to 4 sharps/flats across the entire range of the instrument
    • short and long arpeggiated triads across the entire range of the instrument
    • thirds scales across the entire range of the instrument

    Three études of contrasting character, to be chosen from:
    • H. Klosé Exercices Journaliers
    • H. Klosé Études de Mécanisme
    • M. Mule 18 Études d’après Berbiguier
    • G. Lacour 100 Déchiffrages, Vol. 2
    • G. Senon 16 Études Rythmo-Techniques
    • L. Niehaus Intermediate Jazz Conception for Saxophone

    Recital pieces
    Two recital pieces, of which at least one with piano accompaniment, to be chosen from:
    • A. Tcherepnin Sonatine Sportive
    • D. Milhaud movement from Scaramouche
    • Ryo Noda an Improvisation or Mai
    • P.M. Dubois movement(s) from Suite Françaises
    • Jean Français Cinq Dances Exotiques
    • Paul Maurice movement(s) from Tableaux de Provence
    • Roger Boutry Divertimento
    • Semler-Collery Etudes Concertantes
    • Gallois Montbrum Six Pièces Musicales D'Études
    • Jules Demerseman Fantaisie sur un Theme Original