Preparatory Class

Conservatorium Maastricht cherishes its talent. Not just the students who choose to pursue a career in music after secondary school, but certainly also younger students who show an exceptional aptitude for music. Boys and girls with perfect pitch, a great sense of rhythm or skilled finger dexterity. These are children who may develop a real talent and who show great promise for the future. We would like to invite those students - and we hope you are one of them - to study with us and take advantage of the individualised lesson programme we will set up together.

You will receive coaching at Conservatorium Maastricht and have weekly tailor-made music lessons. These include theory and ensemble playing, as well as group and individual lessons from main subject teachers in your instrument of choice. You will be expected to study a lot at home.

We offer the following junior programmes:

For Preparatory Class and Preliminary Studies, please contact Andre Seerden.

In order to start one of these programmes, you will have to take a test to assess your level.
For the tuition fees and an overview of Junior Conservatorium Maastricht options: click here.