Conservatorium Maastricht

Excelling together

At Conservatorium Maastricht, very international in its composition and mindset, we believe in collectivity, in the will to challenge each other and excel ourselves. To add value, in and with music. With talented students, inspiring teachers, our audience, challenging venues, educational institutions, cultural organisations, businesses and municipal and provincial authorities. We like to take the lead in new developments. We aim to inspire, and are always looking for innovation within creation, transfer and performance to stimulate young talent, students and alumni to become excellent and all-round musicians whose energy and creativity offer a valuable contribution to the international world of music and to society.

Beyond borders

We think and work ‘beyond borders’, which leads to exciting and innovative results. The cross-pollination arising from these collaborations is incredibly valuable for the development of our students’ talents and careers.

Conservatorium Maastricht is not only located in the centre of Europe, it has also established an international position and identity for itself with an international, multicultural tradition and students from over 40 countries. They are the heart of our organisation, working towards their future with great passion and curiosity. They are supported by our teaching staff of successful, internationally renowned (performing) musicians in the Classical Music, Jazz and Music in Education departments, who take our students through the Bachelor's and Master's programmes and tackle the challenges along the way.

Faculty of Arts

Conservatorium Maastricht is part of the Faculty of Arts Maastricht of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, which comprises the Academy of Performing Arts, i-Arts, Communication & Multimedia Design, Maastricht Fine Arts & Design and Architecture. With around forty Bachelor's and thirteen Master's programmes, 15,000 students and 1,700 staff, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, is one of the biggest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Its wide range of programmes offers countless opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration.