Whether you are studying Classical Music, Jazz or Music in Education at Conservatorium Maastricht, if you need a professional recording for an audition, you can use our highly professional digital studio. It is equipped with high-quality equipment and microphones, and uses a Digidesign Protools 11 HDX harddisk recorder combined with a 32-fader DControl mixing console. This is a worldwide standard set-up. It gives you the opportunity to gain experience in a high-end studio environment and, for instance, to experiment with different recording styles over the course of a day, remixing and editing. There is a direct audio link between the studio and the concert hall, so we can make live recordings as well.

If you would like to know more about the technology or studio equipment, such as the mixers, recording systems or software, the microphones or video systems available, please contact Louis van Eeten.

If you want an overview of our equipment, check out the link!

Studio Equipment

Study spaces

We understand that you cannot always study in your student room. That is why we have soundproof practice rooms, both in the Classical Department and the Jazz and Music in Education Department. Thanks to our generous opening hours you can often use our facilities in the evenings and on Saturdays as well. There are computer workstations with standard music software, we work with Blackboard (virtual learning environment) and, of course, you can use the library. If you want to study in the Jazz and Music in Education department, you will have state-of-the-art guitar, bass and keyboard amplifiers at your disposal, as well as a PA system and hi-fi with recording facilities.

If there are no study spaces available, you can also consider using the special music practice booths at Centre Céramique. They also have a piano. The practice booths all have music standards, and a good collection of sheet music is close at hand. Organ lessons are taught in the Maastricht Basilica of Our Lady or the Basilica of Saint Servatius on the Vrijthof.


Our library is located on the third floor of the Classical Department. Here, students and teaching staff are free to browse the extensive collection of sheet music (for a wide range of instruments), scores, books, periodicals and leaflets about competitions, festivals, concert diaries etc. If you are pressed for time, you can also access the catalogue online through the web-based catologue. In addition to our own files, the web-based catalogue provides access to the Open Library Network (OBN). This gives you access to the catalogues of over 400 libraries in the Netherlands, magazine articles and nearly 15,000 journals covering all disciplines, as well as more sheet music. If you cannot find a particular book, you can order it from the Dutch libraries through the inter-library lending system. To get free access, you need an IHOL (Limburg Higher Education Information Structure) library card. You can get this card by showing your student/identity card. Subject to certain conditions, you can also use this IHOL card to borrow books from other IHOL-affiliated libraries, including Maastricht University and Maastricht municipal library.