AIM - Award for Innovation in Music

8 November 2019

Think, or better, dream: What would you change about music performance? The instruments? The pieces? The way musicians play? The stage? The location? The audience? … How would you set up your dream performance?

This special evening on November 8th, will showcase five highly creative and innovative performances by students of Conservatorium Maastricht in the spaces of the Bonnefantenmuseum. During this event, the jury will select the winning project who will be awarded a total of €5,000!

The Award for Innovation in Music, founded by Conservatorium Maastricht and generously donated by René Rousseau and Cécile Maas, has been created to encourage and challenge students to expand their practice and to conceive of music performance and its audience in new and relevant ways. The aim of the prize is to stimulate an innovative and experimental approach to music performance practice.

Each year the prize will focus on a theme which student applicants will explore through an original performance project. The theme for 2019 is ‘New Cultures of Maastricht’ – a theme that invites students to research ‘new’ (or little explored) cultures, music and stories in their surroundings and to create performances that articulate and represent them.
The jury will seek new ways of evaluating these projects by reflecting on the student’s artistic intention and their ability to articulate the chosen theme.

The Finalists:

Adil Benhsain
Anne Willem
Guillem Ruiz Brichs
Meatshell: Andrew Saragossi & Helen Svoboda
Sonja Tavormina

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