Classical Back Stage

16 May 2018

On 16 May 2018, Theater Heerlen is hosting Back Stage Klassiek with as many as 50 classical mini-concerts on 10 different stages in Theater Heerlen. The musicians performing are teachers and students from Conservatorium Maastricht.

Listening on the loading dock
On this special evening, you will have access to areas you have probably never seen before; you can listen to concerts on specially created stages backstage, on the loading dock and at other surprising locations around the theatre. Naturally, there will also be concerts in the LIMBURG and RABO halls.

Tours backstage
During this Freedom Night, you will be totally free to choose the concerts you want to attend. Volunteers will be ready and waiting to give you a backstage tour. And, of course, special catering will be provided throughout the night.

Musicians from Conservatorium Maastricht will be performing the very best chamber music especially for this night. All classical music students will present this most intimate form of ensemble performance, and you are invited to experience everything close up.

It looks set to be a wonderful evening and a chance to enjoy musical top talent. Never before has Theater Heerlen hosted so many concerts at so many different and extraordinary locations on one night.

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Back Stage Klassiek, 16 May 2018
Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen
18:00 - 23:30
Tickets cost €12.50.
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