Conservatorium Maastricht given Nationally Listed Building Status

On behalf of the Minister of Education, Culture & Science (OC&W), the director of the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency, Susan Lammers, has granted Conservatorium Maastricht the status of Nationally Listed Building.

Municipal historic building
The Minister of OC&W has selected Conservatorium Maastricht as a model of reconstruction. The Municipality had already listed the building on the municipal historic buildings register in 2014. This designation as a nationally listed building is a recognition on a national level of the cultural and historical value of the building. The Agency designates buildings from the post-war reconstruction period as nationally listed buildings. It is part of three projects that take an integral approach to reconstruction architecture, urban planning and art. The architecture and urban development of the 1940-1965 period are of great importance to Dutch architectural history.

16.30h: Reception of guests in the entrance hall of Conservatorium Maastricht
16.45h: Word of welcome by Jan Rademakers, Dean of Conservatorium Maastricht
16.50h: Introduction by Gerdo van Grootheest, Alderman for Cultural Heritage, on the importance of the designation of Conservatorium Maastricht as a nationally listed building
16.55h: Presentation of the designation order + plaque by the director of the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency to the Dean of Conservatorium Maastricht
17.00h: Brief introduction by Susanne van Els, Head of Classical Music, to Symphony No. 15 by Shostakovich
17.05h: performance of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 15 by the music ensemble conducted by Raymond Curfs.

After the concert, guests have the opportunity to visit the nationally listed building and savour this special moment over drinks and snacks.