Cross Currents Festival 2017

CrossCurrents is the newest, hottest festival in Maastricht

CrossCurrents is the newest, hottest festival in Maastricht. Initiated by Jazz Maastricht, they’re taking Jazz out of the box and filling the Sphinxkwartier with a combination of music, science, art and film. Jazz is all about experimentation, connection, adventure and exploration. With the help of eight partner organizations (Jazz Maastricht, Conservatorium Maastricht, IMPACT, Lumière Cinema, Pathé, Muziekgieterij, The Artist and the Other, UNU-Merit, Maastricht University & Cinesud genres and disciplines are crossed, to put together a completely different kind of festival. Transform yourself with a kaleidoscopic smorgasbord of grammy winning musical acts, surprising film+music extravaganzas, never-before seen science and art collaborations and the best young talent in the region. Its enough to get our heads spinning with excitement!

CrossCurrents is made possible through the support of the IMPACT project. This international forum for innovative industries brings together researchers, artists and businesses from the new technology sector and the cultural-creative industries.

This project is supported by the European Union and the European Fund for Regional Development.

The Conservatorium Jazz Department will be represented by: Layer by Layer (Wolfgang Braun), La Mezcla Loca Latin Band (Ron van Stratum), Evacuation Plan (Taejung Kim), CWTCH (Robin Rebetez), Ishtar Bakhtali (Ishtar Bakhtali), BABS (Babs van Bree), Afrobeats (Alexander Boerner) and the Fluid Orchestra (Jesse Passenier). For more information about the line-up, check out the link!

Line-up: Jacob Collier, Neil Cowley Trio, STUFF., Cairo Liberation Front, Lucy Echo, Michel Bisceglia, Buscemi, BRUUT, Joost Vrouenraets, Marie van Vollenhoven, Just Another Foundry, BABS, Het Fantastische Luchtschip (Marc van Vugt Ineke Vandoorn), CWTCH, Ishtar Bakhtali, Evacuation Plan, and more!

For more information visit the website or Facebook page. Don't forget to buy tickets!