Henriëtte Hustinx Prize

6 September 2018

On September 6, 2018 the ceremony of the Henriëtte Hustinx Prizes will take place. The Maastricht Academy Fine Arts and Design, Toneelacademie Maastricht and Conservatorium Maastricht have each nominated students for the prizes. Judging by category this year again was by an (inter) national jury.

Every year we are surprised by talented students within the faculty of the arts. Young talent we are proud of and are a big promise for the future.

On 6 September the three winners will be announced and the three prize winners will each receive the Henriette Hustinx Prize worth € 5,000.

Nominees of Conservatorium Maastricht
Equilibrium kwartet                     
Darya Motuz                                     
Egor Farafontov                               
Eline Hensels    
Santa Zake                                         

Spina-Benignetti Piano Duo        
Michelle Benignetti        
Eleonora Spina 

Velum trio                                      
Anete Vinkel                                     
Judith Soumillion                             
Xavier Timmermans