Henriëtte Hustinx Prize 2017

Jazz Conservatorium Maastricht

On 7 September, Ambar Haddad, a Master's degree student in Jazz (vocal) at Conservatorium Maastricht, was awarded the Henriëtte Hustinx Prize of €5,000.

The jury: ‘Over the past two years, the Flemish-Lebanese Master's degree student Amber Haddad has devoted herself to the essence of the Arab language and music, creating a music programme that draws in listeners by linking universality to her authenticity in every note. The jury highly commends her musical but also her social efforts in shaping her identity as a musician. It may well be described as a new musical craft - it is a path that needs to be paved before it can be followed, and where it will take you is uncertain. This craft requires high sensitivity to and interest in your cultural environment, demands the courage to turn yourself and your fellow players inside out, and maintains a ceaseless hunger for an original identity. Amber shows great promise as a musician and musical thinker, and she provides her generation with new musical blood.'

Also congratulations to the other nominees Marvin Frey (trumpet) and Tom Schreyer (composing/arranging).

The other two prizes, each worth €5000, were awarded to Silke De Bruyne (Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts) and Alina Maria Frieske (Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology).

Conservatorium Maastricht and the Arts Faculty Maastricht are very grateful to the Henriëtte Hustinx Foundation for the vital boost they give to the academies and students involved.