Information on the coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Conservatorium Maastricht follows the guidelines of the government, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM), the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (travel advice) and the Vereniging Hogescholen (association of Dutch universities of applied sciences).

To ensure that everyone is safe and feels safe, we have taken several measures and a number of rules apply.
We'll line them up for you.

Latest news coronavirus (Covid-19) Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

•    On site we offer education at 1.5 metres distance: where necessary, classrooms and facilities have been adapted. •    Walking routes, one-way traffic and separate entrances and exits apply; view maps on the location information pages.
•    All air treatment installations are sufficiently safe to prevent contamination with aerosol virus particles. Mobile air conditioners and split units are switched off during lessons. There has been a news item about this before. Windows and doors can be left open in most rooms.
•    Disinfectants are available at entrances, on toilets and at printers and coffee machines.
•    We provide extra cleaning.

•  As long as The Netherlands has a national curfew are opening times will be adjusted. 
•  From 5 October, the rule will be that everyone wears a face mask in the buildings of Zuyd. This is not necessary in the classrooms, unless you have a practical lesson in which wearing a face mask is obligatory. Read more in the announcement.
•    Check your schedule to see if you have a lesson online or on location. Only come to Zuyd if you have a scheduled activity at school and go home immediately after.
•    If possible, come on foot, by bike or by car. Avoid crowds in public transport. If there is paid parking at your location, make sure there is enough balance on your card.
•    Follow the instructions in the buildings.
•    Keep in touch with your study programme and check your mail and Zuydnet regularly for news about corona measures. Of course, the current guidelines of the Government of the Netherlands and the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) remain important.
•    Been on holiday in a high risk area? Then stay in self-quarantine at home for another ten days! If you have any doubts and want to know what this means for your studies, please contact your study programme. You can get tested for free by the GGD Zuid-Limburg if you come back from a red or orange area, even if you have no complaints. Read more about this below.
•    Stay home and get yourself tested if you have symptoms that are related to the coronavirus, such as a cold, sore throat or fever. Read the announcement about what to do if you have symptoms.
•    Keep a distance of 1.5 metres.
•    Wash and disinfect your hands regularly.
•    Sneeze or cough into the inside of your elbow.
•    Don't shake hands.
•    Don't touch your face.

We can only study safely if we work together. Understand each other and call on fellow students to respect the rules.

Back from a 'red/orange' area? Take a free test!
If you travelled (back) from a country or region with code red or orange to the Netherlands, you will remain in quarantine at home for ten days, according to the current advice of the Dutch government. If you are in this situation, as a student or staff member member of Zuyd, you can now have yourself tested free of charge, even if you have no corona-related complaints. Take this opportunity to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. If you run into problems with your studies or work as a result of the home quarantine, we will look for a solution together. The test is free of charge and takes place daily at two locations: Maastricht and Urmond. It is important that you register for the test at the Corona Information Line of the GGD Zuid-Limburg. The telephone number of the GGD is 088-8805005; reachable 7 days a week from 8.00 - 20.00 hours.

Can we get access to the two buildings of Conservatorium Maastricht?
Under strict conditions, Conservatorium Maastricht is open to students and teachers who have a scheduled activity, after this you are expected to leave the building. Colleagues are asked to work at home until further notice.

What will happen to the events of Conservatorium Maastricht?
All events (masterclasses, workshops, concerts a.o.) will be scheduled in an alternative way or will be postponed until further notice. 

How will education take place?
Lessons will take place in a blended education form. This means at location where possible and online if necessary. Lecturers use a variety of online tools. Some lecturers have given assignments via video, some offer live-streaming lessons, etc. Check your Zuydmail on a daily basis for invitations, instructions, etc. Contact the lecturer of the subject for more information. If you cannot contact the lecturer, contact the teamleader of your department. 
Please be aware that the effectiveness depends on various influences like technical circumstances and worldwide peak capacities.

Exchange of documents/regular communication
• Zuyd mail
• Whatsapp
Exchange of assignement/presentations:
• Zuyd mail
• Moodle Activity: Assignment
Exchange of videos:
• Wetransfer
• Moodle Activity: Assignment
For admitting webseminars:
• Moodle via label
For video conferencing/streaming webinars:
• Microsoft Teams (via Chrome or Edge)
• Whatsapp (one to one)
• Bluejeans
Please refer to this Zuyd page for instruction and in-depth information (also in English):

Can we get access to the digitalized sheet music of the library?
Students and staff of Conservatorium Maastricht have free access to the PDF’s of all digital Donemus scores. Register with your Zuyd e-mail address on you will find more information about library access from home.

Regarding your residence

I’ve got financial problems. What should I do?
Students may encounter financial difficulties, for instance because part-time income has stopped but you still have regular costs such as rent. The Education Executive Agency (DUO) is making every effort to help, taking account of personal situations wherever possible. For more information, get informed via this link about the options provided.

Is it advisable for students to tavel?
We advise you to consult this page.

Is it possible to freeze the enrollment without losing our place in the course until we're able to come back?
Until this moment in time this is not an option. If you have financial issues due to this crisis, please contact the student counselor: or

Are there any solutions for the lack of practice rooms for students who are not able to leave Maastricht and have no place to study?
We advise you to contact your landlord and ask if you can study between certain hours in your room. Try to be creative, thinking about solutions. Maybe a friend has a room where you can study. You can also rent a practise room at the Muziekgieterij.
Note: please follow the recommendations of the RIVM regarding social contact.

Contact and Information

  • In the case that you (student, colleague or teacher) are contacted by a journalist for a statement in person, by phone or email, do not give an answer but forward them. to or +31637417684.  
  • Questions about the measures, education and examinations can be directed to your team leader. 
  • Chats on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the email will be active every day in order to answer all questions.

Students and colleagues can consult Zuydnet for regular updates on the Coronavirus and the FAQ section on this page. On Zuydnet you will find information on the measures we take in connection with the further outbreak and spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), and which measures you have to take yourself to prevent spread. Consult this page regularly and also keep an eye on the reports of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the Public Health Service (GGD).

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