Information on the coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Conservatorium Maastricht follows the guidelines of the government, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM), the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (travel advice) and the Vereniging Hogescholen (association of Dutch universities of applied sciences).

When will the two buildings of Conservatorium Maastricht re-open?
At this moment in time, the universities (of applied sciences) across the Netherlands have decided to extend the period of providing online education. From June 2nd, the building will be used in very limited ways for graduating students only in order to successfully finish your studies and maintain the necessary measures to stay safe. More information is communicated with students via your ZUYD-email.  

Can we get access to the two buildings of Conservatorium Maastricht?
Under strict conditions, Conservatorium Maastricht is open to a limited number of students who practice individually on instruments they do not have at home, such as a grand piano. Measures have been taken to keep contact to a minimum. To make an appointment, send an email to: Colleagues are asked to work at home untill furter notice.

What will happen to the events of Conservatorium Maastricht?
All events (masterclasses, workshops, concerts a.o.) will be postponed until further notice. 

How will education take place?
Lessons will take place online as much as possible. Lecturers use a variety of online tools. Some lecturers have given assignments via video, some offer live-streaming lessons, etc. Check your Zuydmail on a daily basis for invitations, instructions, etc. Contact the lecturer of the subject for more information. If you cannot contact the lecturer, contact the teamleader of your department. 
Please be aware that the effectiveness depends on various influences like technical circumstances and worldwide peak capacities.

Exchange of documents/regular communication
• Zuyd mail
• Whatsapp
Exchange of assignement/presentations:
• Zuyd mail
• Moodle Activity: Assignment
Exchange of videos:
• Wetransfer
• Moodle Activity: Assignment
For admitting webseminars:
• Moodle via label
For video conferencing/streaming webinars:
• Microsoft Teams (via Chrome or Edge)
• Whatsapp (one to one)
• Bluejeans
Please refer to this Zuyd page for instruction and in-depth information (also in English):

Will education take place after June 1st?
Very limited activities will take place for a limited group of graduating students. For others, education will continue digitally. 

Can we get access to the digitalized sheet music of the library?
Students and staff of Conservatorium Maastricht have free access to the PDF’s of all digital Donemus scores. Register with your Zuyd e-mail address on you will find more information about library access from home.

How will the conservatory compensate the lack of lessons?
Education is still provided in an alternative (online) way. The general policy of Zuyd is to avoid delays as much as possible, so we will make every effort needed to help you finish your year or programme before the end of the academic year. 

Are the closed days going to add to the summer?
All possibilities are being explored, including this one, depending on the developments that are yet to come. You all have a valid enrolment until the 31st of August. The general policy of Zuyd is to avoid delays as much as possible, so we will make every effort needed to help you finish your year or programme before this date.

Regarding examinations

What will happen to the (final) exams and internships?
The general policy of Zuyd is to avoid delays as much as possible. Up to now, the examination programme remains as scheduled, yet we look for flexibility regarding examination date and/or the format. In the case of internships and graduation exams, the Examination Board offers customization. Keep in mind that we might consider taking tests in evenings, weekends and holidays if really necessary. Keep a close eye on your email for further information. 

Will quality of testing be compromised
We do not compromise on the quality of tests. When the situation normalizes, exams will be conducted on site. We will be flexible in extra opportunities if a study delay threatens to arise due to the corona crisis. 

Will all education take place online before the exams? Or will there be “normal” lessons too?
We follow the national guidelines and the daily developments. Due to the closing of buildings and governmental requirements all face-to-face education is prohibited.

(How) are the entrance exams going to take place?
Candidates for the entrance exams have received an email with the alternative procedure. The entrance exams will take place via digital, online communications. Check your mail regularly. This also counts for Bachelor 4 students that apply for Master.

Regarding your residence

I’ve got financial problems. What should I do?
Students may encounter financial difficulties, for instance because part-time income has stopped but you still have regular costs such as rent. The Education Executive Agency (DUO) is making every effort to help, taking account of personal situations wherever possible. For more information, get informed via this link about the options provided.

Is it advisable for students to return to their home countries?
Whether you decide to travel or not, is your choice. We advise to not travel for your safety and the people around you. Be aware that when education resumes, you will be expected to be present again.

Is it possible to freeze the enrollment without losing our place in the course until we're able to come back?
Until this moment in time this is not an option. If you have financial issues due to this crisis, please contact the student counselor: Gerard Bergers via

Are there any solutions for the lack of practice rooms for students who are not able to leave Maastricht and have no place to study?
We advise you to contact your landlord and ask if you can study between certain hours in your room. Try to be creative, thinking about solutions. Maybe a friend has a room where you can study. Note: please follow the recommendations of the RIVM regarding social contact.

I’m thinking of going back to my home country on the other side of the world. Due to time zone difference to here, online education will be difficult. Do you have advice on this?
Make sure to follow all guidelines regarding international traveling. We advise not to travel unless absolutely essential. Your lecturers will determine how online education takes form. If online education takes places on a certain moment, you will need to be available regardless of time differences. 

How can I get (financial) support when I have financial problems because of all the canceled concerts/gigs?
Organizers are not legally required to pay. If your gig or concert has been canceled, organizers  might offer to reschedule or compensate the fee (partly) in the context of kindness. Note: the government has announced to support freelancers, among others. Be aware that this only might counts for registered self-employed workers. with legal contracts.

Contact and Information

  • In the case that you (student, colleague or teacher) are contacted by a journalist for a statement in person, by phone or email, do not give an answer but forward them to or +31637417684.  
  • Questions about the measures, education and examinations can be directed to your team leader. 
  • Chats on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the email will be active every day in order to answer all questions.
  • For technical support, contact

Students and colleagues can consult Zuydnet for regular updates on the Coronavirus and the FAQ section on this page. On Zuydnet you will find information on the measures we take in connection with the further outbreak and spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), and which measures you have to take yourself to prevent spread. Consult this page regularly and also keep an eye on the reports of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the Public Health Service (GGD).

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