Jan Cober conducts Bernstein

Limburg wind tradition at its very best.

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9/10/2017 Parkstad Theater Limburg
11/10/17, Theater aan het Vrijthof

Jan Cober
Jan Cober's exceptional musical and artistic qualities have made him a respected international musician and conductor. He has played a crucial role in Dutch and international wind music over the past decades. Cober gives masterclasses and workshops all over the world and regularly appears as a guest conductor in the Netherlands and abroad.

For many years, he was chief conductor of the RBO Leipzig, the orchestra of the Swiss Army, and the European Youth Orchestra. Over 100 CD productions bear testimony to his musical message. His repertoire is wide-ranging, with a clear preference for early 20th-century music.

In the world of wind music, he has achieved great successes with the Koninklijke Harmonie Thorn and Harmonie Sainte Cécile Eijsden.

His knowledge and experience, combined with his charisma, have also made him a much sought-after conducting teacher. His methods have been adopted across Europe.

Jan Cober is a main subject teacher at Conservatorium Maastricht, training and guiding many clarinet players and conductors.

Candide by Leonard Bernstein
In 1759, Voltaire published the novella Candide, who is also the main character. Candide's mentor teaches him that 'all is for the best, in the best of all possible worlds'. The innocent Candide goes on a journey around the world and finds himself in one catastrophe after another. He decides to dedicate himself to a simple life, because this best of worlds only exists in philosophy, not in reality.

Nearly two centuries later in 1956, Bernstein, known mainly for West Side Story, uses this philosophical tale as the basis for his comic operetta Candide. It is actually a musical in disguise, which is how it was received on Broadway. A series of revivals made Candide Bernstein's best-known work after West Side Story. The colourful, swinging wind arrangements tell us why.

Leo Brouwer Cancio de Gesta
C. Surinach Sinfoniette Flamenca
Villa -Lobos Bachanas Brasileiras no. 5
Bernstein parts from Candide (with singers)