Jazz Night 2016

Dutch Night of Jazz together with our 5th edition of Jazz Night!

November 26th marks the very first national Jazz Night in the Netherlands. All across the country jazz concerts will be taking place. Really great that they planned this to coincide with our 5th Jazz Night!

Due to the overwhelming success of the previous Jazz Nights, our event will take place in the Bonbonniere this year. This fifth edition once again boasts over twenty performances by bands of students and lecturers of the Jazz department of Conservatorium Maastricht. They will be performing non-stop until deep into the night. For more information about the bands and the night, check our facebook event page!

A very big thanks to our sponsor Yamaha for providing us with a beautiful piano!!

Don't forget: prior to the Jazz Night you are welcome to attend the Open Day of the Jazz department in the annex of Conservatorium Maastricht, Fr. Romanusweg 90, Maastricht (10-minute walk from Maastricht station) on Saturday 26 November 2016, from 13:00 to 17:00. Get a sense of the atmosphere, meet our students and teaching staff and explore the city. Admission is free, no reservations required!