The Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music (MCICM)

The MCICM is an initiative of Stefan Rosu, intendant and director of philharmonie zuidnederland.

The MCICM will create special opportunities in Maastricht for the innovation of classical music practice and music education and was presented yesterday by Stefan Rosu, intendant and director of philharmonie zuidnederland, Ger Koopmans, Limburg Provincial Executive member for Culture, Martin Paul, chairman of the Executive Board of Maastricht University, Mieke Damsma, Alderman of the Municipality of Maastricht and Leo Swinkels, Dean of the Faculty of the Arts, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. The start date is scheduled for 1 January 2018.

Stefan Rosu feels it is important to have a centre in Europe where relevant existing research is collected, and where academics and musicians can join forces to pass on the sounding heritage of classical music in the 21st century. 'The MCICM will give Maastricht a unique place which offers new opportunities for the innovation of classical music practice', says Rosu. He has sought cooperation with Maastricht University and Zuyd University of Applied Sciences to establish a centre for scientific and practice-based artistic research which will be embedded in the three participating organisations.

Leo Swinkels, Dean of the Faculty of the Arts (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences): "It is wonderful that we can work together with young, talented musicans, teachers, the orchestra, research centre and university on the development of musical citizenship in the region, also for people who may not easily attend a symphony performance. The reinforcement of engaged artistic research as a result of the foundation of the MCICM is also of great importance for the Faculty of the Arts’

Stefan Rosu and Susanne van Els discussed MCICM @ L1 Avondgasten: