Maastricht Jazz Awards 2018

6 November & 11 December

Applications for the 2018 edition of the Maastricht Jazz Awards are open from June 18th to November 1st, 2018.

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Conservatorium Maastricht & Jazz Maastricht are proud to present the largest jazz competition in the entire Euregion.

If you’re thinking of competing, keep this in mind:
Where would Ella Fitzgerald have ended up without first having won the competition at the Apollo Theater?

Consider being a member of our audience: our wonderful musicians have put so much love and energy into composing, arranging and performing their own tunes. Not convinced yet? We’re also giving you the chance to vote for the winner of the Public Award. Hope to see you there!


The competition consists of two categories: student and professional. Participants will be competing for three different awards. The competition consists of preselection, student semi-final and final rounds. The dates are as follows:

  • November 6th, 19.00: Student Semi-finals – Brasserie Tapijn
  • December 11th, 20.00: Student and Professional Finals – Muziekgieterij Maastricht


During the finals on December 11th in the Muziekgieterij (students free entrance, regular visitors €10) the public has a chance to let their voice be heard and vote for their favorite band as they choose the winner of the Public Award.


The purpose of these awards is to provide artists with the resources to promote themselves and to assist them in developing their careers. The awards consist of a combination money and performance opportunities with a total value of €6.500:

  • Professional Award: €2.500 + two paid performances (€500 each).
  • Yamaha Talent Award: €1.500 + two paid performances (€500 each).
  • Public Award: €500


The purpose of the Maastricht Jazz Awards is to strengthen the jazz scene in the Euregion. We do this by stimulating a band culture, creating partnerships and providing artists with a platform to showcase their work. For anyone who wants to build a reputable career, winning an internationally recognised prize is a fantastic stepping stone and can contribute greatly to a band’s reputation. The prize money creates the much needed financial ability to create promotional material, realise album recordings or afford international tours.

The Maastricht Conservatorium and Jazz Maastricht aim to meet these needs in the form of a prestigious jazz competition, the Maastricht Jazz Awards (MJA), thus stimulating the careers of Euregional bands.