Music Theatre Festival M4

June - July

The festival will feature performances of four operas and runs from 26 June until 2 July.

M4 Music Theatre Festival is the best place to see how tradition and innovation come together. The festival aims to bring a fresh and different operatic experience to Maastricht. No binoculars or pearls required, just an open mind and the willingness to discover this genre. Let's get innovative, disrupt and challenge the genre of Music Theatre together with artists and the audience!

In seven days, you can experience performances of the Telephone (G.C. Menotti), Zanetto (Mascagni), The Fly (Kavour S. Christos), Blood on Canvas (Felipe Hoyos González), Dine Bahane (Willie Arets) and Cidade sen Luz (Iago Hermo).

Tickets available soon!