Singing Means Truth

3, 4 & 5 October 2018

Matthias Kaiser designed this Masterclass for solo singing students at the Conservatorium Maastricht. The main focus is scenical work on prepared arias, especially as preparation for auditions.
The key theme of the class will be to show that establishing an operatic character as a distinct persona on stage can only be achieved by the singer’s own means. In order to convince and create truth on stage, the particular situation of a personage must ultimately be defined by the singers authentic personality, voice and his/ her awareness of musical and dramatic form. Costumes, props or decorations can thus only aid in that endeavor. Truth in opera is the opposite of hiding behind makeup, historical fashion or borrowed attitudes.
Each active participant will work scenically on three prepared arias (one lesson per aria/per day) and takes part as a passive participant in lessons of other members of the class.
The Masterclass will be complemented by two lectures ("Singing is truth (or should be)" & "Get ready for your career as a professional") and a final round-table to conclude and to answer any questions that might remain.

You are welcome to witness the singers working with Matthias Kaiser.

10.00h - Welcome & introduction
10.15h - Lecture  "Singing is truth (or should be)"
11.00h - Singer 1
12.15h - Singer 2
13.30h - 14.45h Lunch
14.45h - Singer 3
16.00h - Singer 4
17.30h - Singer 5
18.45h - Singer 6

9.30h - Singer 4
10.45h - Singer 5
12h - Singer 6
13.15h - 14.30h Lunch
14.30h - Singer 1
15.45h - Singer 2
17h - Singer 3
19h Presentation & Roundtable "Bursting the Bubble"

10.00h - Singer 6
11.15h - Singer 5
12.30h - Singer 4
13.45h - 15.00h Lunch
15.00h Singer 3
16.15h Singer 2
17.30h Singer 1
19.00h Lecture "Get ready for your career as a professional"