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Maastricht is built on Roman foundations, is divided by the river called ‘Maas’ and is surrounded by green rolling hills. Maastricht lies in the triangle formed by the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Big cities like Brussels, Koln, Amsterdam, Paris, Luxembourg and London are just around the corner which makes it easier to explore your musical options throughout Western Europe. Maastricht and the surrounding area have a wide variety of cultural institutions, projects and activities.

The international appeal of the city of Maastricht is enhanced by the constant influx of students from around the globe. They are drawn to Conservatorium Maastricht, its parent organisation Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and to Maastricht University.

The city quickly feels like home to new residents from all over the world because of its homely ambience. The broad international student community of Maastricht is an important part of the Maastricht culture.

The cultural side of Maastricht is not only represented by its architectural appearance but also the many cultural options the city offers are all within reach. The city of Maastricht offers multiple kinds of classical, jazz and pop concert halls, orchestra’s, theaters, museums, and cultural-political centres. Maastricht and the surrounding area offer excellent musical opportunities, like the WDR Big Band, philharmoniezuid, Operzuid and Jazz Maastricht.

The city's energetic student life mainly takes place in the historic centre of Maastricht, where the life is about enjoying the little things and getting the most out of your day. Everything in the city centre is closeby, here you can wander around for hours without getting lost in the characteristic streets. In the different districts as well as the inner city you will find lots of nice places to eat, have a drink, listen to music or go out and where cultural events and activities are organised all the time. The perfect place to grow your experience for performing at major venues.


Before you start your studies at Conservatorium Maastricht, we have to talk about one important matter, housing! It is important for us that our students feel not only at home in our beautiful city but also find a place that they can call their new home. Maastricht has a small inner city and consists of 7 areas and 44 neighbourhoods. As in most cities a lot of things happen in the city centre, luckily the city centre is just a bike or bus ride away so there is no need to find a place in this area per se. Because of the short distances and steadily public transport it's also possible to live in small or big cities in the region. Since we are only 5 km away from the border of Belgium it is also an option to look for housing there. The housing options across the border or in cities in the area are usually a much cheaper option. There are many ways to look for suitable housing. Keep an eye on student housing Facebook groups or sign up for student housing corporations. You can find more tips and tricks about housing and other important matters on the website to start your journey in Maastricht in the best way possible.

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