The Conservatorium Maastricht team is characterised by collectivity and passion. We feel it is important to learn from each other, excel ourselves and add value. Our inspiring teaching staff have more than earned their spurs in the international world of music. Many combine their work at Conservatorium Maastricht with a busy concert schedule. They perform, compose, arrange, record CDs, and contribute actively to the development of the courses available at Conservatorium Maastricht. During lessons, projects, masterclasses, workshops and theme days, the teaching staff strive to stimulate your imagination as a young talent. They challenge you to be the best you can be. To never be satisfied, but always set the bar higher, to excel yourself and thus achieve excellence in your profession. Our teaching staff personally guide you in your development and introduce you to the impact music can have throughout society.

Students, teaching staff, support staff and management are in constant dialogue. They inspire each other, follow developments and jointly ensure their implementation.


The three departments are led by the Heads of Department, who work together with Dean Joachim Junghanss on the visibility of Conservatorium Maastricht, the continuous improvement of its education, and on establishing links with other institutions such as venues, festivals and conservatoires, as well as authorities and subsidy providers. The Jazz department is led by Sigrid Paans, Susanne van Els is in charge of the Classical Music department, and the Music in Education department is headed by Marc Rutten.

Student ambassadors

We also have student ambassadors. These are students who aid communication between you and the Conservatorium. They are in regular consultation with Conservatorium Maastricht about everything you may encounter as a student, and they pass that information on to you. If you have any questions, you can always turn to them.