Classical music theory

Aleksandra Gryçko


Aleksandra Gryćko (born 1987) is a lecturer of Music Theory in the Bachelor's degree programme of Conservatorium Maastricht. In the second year of her Master's degree, Gryćko worked as a trainee lecturer at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam while completing her Master's thesis on Chopin's use of the sonata form and the connections with Beethoven. She presented this thesis in 2014 during the Joint Conference of the Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory and the Royal Society for Music History of the Netherlands. Previously, she had already written a thesis on the works of Chopin that are based on the sonata form (rondos, ballads and scherzos).

She studied Music Theory at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with, among others, Paul Scheepers, Martijn Hooning and Menno Dekker.