Jazz Guitar / Band Coaching

Jan Formannoy


Jan Formannoy (born 1954) is a guitarist, active in pop and jazz music as a teacher, performer, programmer and organiser. He has taught guitar as a main subject at Conservatorium Maastricht since 1981. From 2002 to 2013, he was Head of the Jazz department and a member of the management team of Conservatorium Maastricht. He wrote the guitar curriculum and developed the pop music and improvisation courses for the Jazz and Music in Education departments.

Since 2013, Jan has been giving short concerts at AINSI after theatre and dance shows nearly every week, with musicians such as Ron van Stratum, Roman Korolik, Rob Bruynen, Alexander Boerner, Philippe Aerts, Natalie Loriers and Edoardo Righini. He performs as a duo with pianist Frank Giebels and various guitarists, including Garisson Fewell, Peter Leitch, Jacques Pirotton, John Stowell and Edoardo Righini. Jan has also played in various bands, such as Latin band Dindi, fusion band Summercamp Band and rock band Rebecca, for which he has also composed. He is a member of various modern jazz trios, quartets and quintets.

Jan Formannoy is president of the jury of the international Belgian jazz competition B-Jazz. He was programmer of the Jazz Maastricht Foundation until 2014 and a board member of the Maastricht pop music venue De Muziekgieterij from 2012 to 2014. In 1981, he co-founded SLIM (Foundation for Improvised Music in Limburg).

As Head of the Jazz department, Jan Formannoy, together with composer Wolfgang Braun and students of the Jazz department of Conservatorium Maastricht, produced annual interdisciplinary projects such as:

  • CMJE: Mistura de Cores. Brazilian music with drummer/percussionist Ron vanStratum, singer Nadine Nix and flautist Ronald Snijders, 2012.
  • Big Band: Big Band Balcans. With the conservatoires of Tilburg and Ghent, 2011
  • Symphony Orchestra: Impressions Of A Blue Kind” (tribute to Miles Davis). With theconservatoires of Tilburg and Ghent, 2010.
  • CMJE: Exile On Main Street. With Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht, 2010
  • CMJE: Carnaval des Animaux and FiboScope. With ABKM (Academy ofFine Arts and Design Maastricht), 2009
  • CMJE: French Dressing. With Mad Faculty Genk, 2008
  • Gino Vannelli and the CMJE (Conservatorium Maastricht Jazz Ensemble) Live at AldJazz Bilzen, 2007