Alto Saxophone (Guest Teacher)

Karolina Strassmayer (Guest Teacher)


As a member of the WDR Big Band Cologne, Austrian alto saxophonist Karolina Strassmayer, has played with Joe Lovano, Joe Zawinul, McCoy Tyner and many more jazz legends. Before earning the unique distinction of becoming the first woman in the WDR Big Band in 2004, she immersed herself in New York jazz scene for over 15 years, playing with Chico Hamilton, Nancy Wilson and Phil Woods and many others. Jazz writer Doug Ramsey called her “one of the most interesting saxophonists of her generation.” She has recorded 10 CDs as a leader and her discography includes over 80 recordings, 9 of which were either nominated for or received a Grammy. She is also a mentor for the Women in Jazz Organization WIJO in New York City. On this exciting journey, a sincere desire to share and to engage with audiences and students has emerged. Karolina says, “The quest for one’s own voice as a musician is a life-long task. There is the outward journey, the discovery and mastery of your instrument and the basics. And there is the inward journey—the exploration of your inner landscape and of those sounds that want to emerge from you. If you want to go on that adventure, I’m here to help.