Your Art as a Business

Norbert Kögging


Besides being the YAB-lecturer at the conservatorium, Norbert is managing director at Jazz Maastricht. Next to these two main activities, he is involved in Classical meets Jazz as a vocal teacher jazz (singing courses in Europe) and as a programmer for the bi-annual festival Jazz te Gast.

Norbert is an entrepreneur in music. For him creativity is the binding factor between his love for music on the one hand and his passion for developing (musical) projects on the other. 
He strongly believes in involving and connecting partners, audiences and musicians to create something unique and distinctive. 

Before coming to Maastricht Norbert worked and lived in the Amsterdam area where he was business director of Jazzfest Amsterdam and working as a freelance jazz vocalist. Norbert released two albums with original music and toured in Europe and Canada.

After finishing his Bachelor of Business Administration Norbert went to ArtEZ for studying vocal jazz and pop (BMUS) followed up by his master study vocal jazz (MMUS) at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.