Your art as a business

Pieter Schoonderwoerd


After finishing high-school in 2001 Pieter focussed on playing music by taking lessons from three drum teachers: David Bonsels (Rock), Jaap Pluijgers (Klassiek) en Joost Lijbaart (Jazz). Their ideas combined with playing in several bands from Metal to Jazz opened his ears and gave him a versatile approach to music. Next to playing drums he started working in a youth hostel in Utrecht (Stayokay Utrecht-Bunnik), where he became Head-Bar in 2000 and fell in love with the back-packing world. So not very surprisingly, after two years of intense drumming he went to study Hotel Management in Maastricht. Goal: to start his own creative hostel some day.

During his study he took drum lessons again and soon after became a drum teacher at Drumschool Maastricht (now Sound Academy Maastricht) where he worked for five years and taught around 32 students a week.

After graduating from the Hoge Hotelschool Maastricht in 2007 he first started working in a consultancy firm that specializes in concept creation (Sandenburg Concept Creation). Missing the music though he applied at Conservatorium Maastricht and started studying there in 2008 with Ron van Stratum and Arnoud Gerritse. Soon after he started volunteering at Jazz Maastricht and within a few months he became Operational Manager. This included tasks like : booking artists, logistics, transport, hotel, catering, crew and security.

This was the start of working in the cultural sector as a freelancer, drum teacher and musician. Freelance work included starting his own Artist Management agency (Scone Hill Music), his own indie-pop festival (Woot!Woot!Woolf - 6 editions), playing in several bands (Bodypolitics - album The Space Of A Jump), doing stage management (Pinkpop, De Beschaving), working at a marketing firm (Ignition Marketing Services) and much more.

All these different activities accumulated in being offered his current position as Director of Jazz Maastricht (September 2014) and starting as Coordinator Cultural Entrepreneurship at the Conservatorium Maastricht Jazz Department.