Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Classic, Jazz, General

Dear prospective student,

We, the student ambassadors, would like to welcome you to Conservatorium Maastricht. We should introduce ourselves first: we are a group of ten currently enrolled students in the Bachelor and Master degrees in the Jazz and the Classical department. One of our tasks is to help and support the first year students at the beginning of each academic year. As you might be future students, we would like to offer you our help already now. Our main motivation is based on an interest to contribute with our very own experience and insight to enhance future students' start at Conservatorium Maastricht from the very first second on.

So, if you are considering starting your musical studies at the Conservatorium Maastricht and you have a lot of questions or feel insecure about what steps to take to get in touch with a teacher or the admission office, we can and want to help you with this. You may even contact us before you take the admission test or the audition and we will do our best to guide you to a - hopefully successful - beginning of new and exciting phase of your life.

It is of course perfectly possible that your questions have nothing to do with school and that is completely fine, do not hesitate contacting us!

We look forward to meeting you!