Student Council Classical Department

Classic, General

We are the Student Council of the classical department of the Conservatorium Maastricht. We build the connection between students and theory/main subject teachers and the head of the classical department. Currently we are six Bachelor and Master students at the classical department and each of us represents one section of instruments: low/high strings, brass, singing, piano and composition/music theory.

Some of the big changes of the last years influenced by the Student Council are for example: piano lessons for all students, a complete change of the theory subject lessons and the choir for first and second year Bachelor students. Of course, we cannot solve the problems and issues ourselves, but we are closer to all the “canteen talk” than the staff and thereby know what is going on in our student’s heads.

If you have any ideas how to change organisational things in school, if you are not happy about some situation concerning your study or if you are interested in being a Student Council member yourself feel free to contact us!
Please help the school staff to make your study as nice as possible, so do not keep all your ideas or complaints to yourself or among your friends. As soon as you tell us we will talk about it in our next meeting.

We are looking forward to hear from you!