Co-repetitor (Double) Bass

Yannick Heselle


Yannick has been playing music pretty much his whole life, coming from a musician's family he got in touch with guitar at a young age, then picked up the bass. 
A few lessons and bands later and Yannick is playing a couple of gigs a month at age 15. 
He started attending the conservatory of Verviers with Alain Jeanclaes from 2013 and got accepted in Conservatorium Maastricht in 2014 where he studied with Alexander Boerner, Philippe Aerts, Jan van den Boomen, then Matthias Nowak and John Goldsby when he picked up the double bass. 
Yannick is quite active with his cover band "The Detain" which he plays with on a weekly basis around Belgium. 

''I wanted to stay around Maastricht for a while and the school generously provided the opportunity of a job in which I could play music, learn by being assistant to different teachers, study the repertoire and tradition and keep in touch with the music scene in the city and the province."