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Masumi Nagasawa

Masumi Nagasawa is an experienced and accomplished internationally known harpist. She was born in Tokyo, Japan but spent much of her childhood and early education in the Netherlands. She is a world expert on 18th and 19th-century harp practice, and gives lectures and master classes in conservatories and universities all over the world.

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Master Study: Single-action pedal Harp (2years)

The goal of this study is to achieve new approach towards classical repertoire of the harp and to master the performance on a historical instrument, Single-action pedal harp.
This study demands thorough studies on the method books from the period. To adjust from the double-action harp pedal by learning different performing techniques for the single-action harp is essential. The study will also contribute in comparing diverse publications from important harp repertoires and finally will be achieviing a high standard of performance on the Single-action pedal harp.

Study Plan:

*History of the pedal harp (around 1720-1830)

*Reading and studying the major Harp Treaties (Méthode) from the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century:
P.J. Meyer (1737-1819) Essai sur la vraie maniere de jouer 1763
Nouvelle Méthode 1774
J.G.Cousineau (1760-1836) Méthode de Harpe 1784
J.B. Krumpholtz (1747-1790) / J.M. Plane(1774-?) Principes pour la harpe 1800
Comtesse de Genlis (1746-1830)Nouvelle Méthode 1811
Ch. Bochsa (1789-1856) Méthode de Harpe 1814
J.G.H.Backofen (1768-1830) Anleitung zum Harfenspielen 1827

*Reading from the other Treatise on musical performances of the 17th ,18th centuries, depending on the repertoire one will be playing
C.Ph.Bach, J.J.Quantz, L.Spohr, D.Corri

*Restudy of the performance technique, according to the treatise
(Fingering, Pedaling, retuning and playing on different keys, pitch )

*Writing cadenzas, preludes, accompaniment, making variations and improvisations

Contents of the repertoire:

1. Solo pieces
C.Ph,Bach Solo in G wq.139
Ph.Meyer Sonata
F.Dizi Grande Sonate
L.Spohr Variations in F op 36 “Je suis encore dans mon printemps”
J.B. Krumpholtz Sonate I , Quatre Sonates
A. Rosetti Six sonates op.2
G.B.Viotti Sonata
M.M.Marin Sonata op.15 n.1,n.2,n.3

2. Concertos
W.A. Mozart Concerto in C for Flute and Harp K.v. 299
F.A.Boeildieu Concerto in C
M.P.Dalvimare Concerto in c-minor
D.Steibelt Concerto in Es
L.Spohr Concertante Nr.I for Violin and Harp
F.Petrini Concerto in F

L.Spohr Sonata concertante op.113. 114, 115, (Hp./ Vl.),Fantasie op.118 (Hp.Vl.), Trio (Hp. / Vl./ Vc.)
J.L.Dussek Duo Concertant op. 69 I,II, III (Pianoforte / Harp)
F.Ries Sextuor (Pianoforte/ Harp/ Cb. / Fg. /Hr. / Cl.)
M.M.Marin Trio (Hp./ Vl./ Vc.)
F.J.Naderman Fantasie (Hp. Hrn.)
C.Bochsa Nocturne Concertant op.71.no.3 (Hp. Fl.)
W.A.Mozart Six sonates (Hp./ Vl.)

*Performing Keyboard repertoire from the 17th ,18th century
Scarlatti, Couperin, Bach, Rameau etc.


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