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Masumi Nagasawa

Masumi Nagasawa is an experienced and accomplished internationally known harpist. She is specialized in single-action pedal harp. She was born in Tokyo, Japan but spent much of her childhood and early education in the Netherlands. She is a world expert on 18th and 19th-century harp practice, and gives lectures and master classes in conservatories and universities all over the world.

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Master Study: Single-action pedal Harp (2years)

The goal of this study is to achieve new approach towards classical repertoire of the harp and to master the performance on a historical instrument, Single-action pedal harp.
This study demands thorough studies on the method books from the period. To adjust from the double-action harp pedal by learning different performing techniques for the single-action harp is essential. The study will also contribute in comparing diverse publications from important harp repertoires and finally will be achieviing a high standard of performance on the Single-action pedal harp.

Study Plan:

*History of the pedal harp (around 1720-1830)

*Reading and studying the major Harp Treaties (Méthode) from the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century:
P.J. Meyer (1737-1819) Essai sur la vraie maniere de jouer 1763
Nouvelle Méthode 1774
J.G.Cousineau (1760-1836) Méthode de Harpe 1784
J.B. Krumpholtz (1747-1790) / J.M. Plane(1774-?) Principes pour la harpe 1800
Comtesse de Genlis (1746-1830)Nouvelle Méthode 1811
Ch. Bochsa (1789-1856) Méthode de Harpe 1814
J.G.H.Backofen (1768-1830) Anleitung zum Harfenspielen 1827

*Reading from the other Treatise on musical performances of the 17th ,18th centuries, depending on the repertoire one will be playing
C.Ph.Bach, J.J.Quantz, L.Spohr, D.Corri

*Restudy of the performance technique, according to the treatise
(Fingering, Pedaling, retuning and playing on different keys, pitch )

*Writing cadenzas, preludes, accompaniment, making variations and improvisations

Contents of the repertoire:

1. Solo pieces
C.Ph,Bach Solo in G wq.139
Ph.Meyer Sonata
F.Dizi Grande Sonate
L.Spohr Variations in F op 36 “Je suis encore dans mon printemps”
J.B. Krumpholtz Sonate I , Quatre Sonates
A. Rosetti Six sonates op.2
G.B.Viotti Sonata
M.M.Marin Sonata op.15 n.1,n.2,n.3

2. Concertos
W.A. Mozart Concerto in C for Flute and Harp K.v. 299
F.A.Boeildieu Concerto in C
M.P.Dalvimare Concerto in c-minor
D.Steibelt Concerto in Es
L.Spohr Concertante Nr.I for Violin and Harp
F.Petrini Concerto in F

L.Spohr Sonata concertante op.113. 114, 115, (Hp./ Vl.),Fantasie op.118 (Hp.Vl.), Trio (Hp. / Vl./ Vc.)
J.L.Dussek Duo Concertant op. 69 I,II, III (Pianoforte / Harp)
F.Ries Sextuor (Pianoforte/ Harp/ Cb. / Fg. /Hr. / Cl.)
M.M.Marin Trio (Hp./ Vl./ Vc.)
F.J.Naderman Fantasie (Hp. Hrn.)
C.Bochsa Nocturne Concertant op.71.no.3 (Hp. Fl.)
W.A.Mozart Six sonates (Hp./ Vl.)

*Performing Keyboard repertoire from the 17th ,18th century
Scarlatti, Couperin, Bach, Rameau etc.


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