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Hans Nickel

Hans Nickel (born 1958) is a lecturer of Tuba and Euphonium at Conservatorium Maastricht. In addition, he teaches Tuba and Euphonium at the Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf, the Orchesterzentrum NRW Dortmund and at the Ausbildungsmusikkorps der Bundeswehr, Germany. He regularly works as a guest lecturer in educational institutions around the world.

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General admission requirements

Specific admission requirements (Tenor) Tuba / Euphonium

Scales and chords
• all major and minor scales and accompanying triads
• ability to demonstrate various styles of performance
• knowledge of the G and F clefs
• able to play the F-clef in concert pitch

• in the G clef: e.g. Maxim Alfons: Etudes nouvelles no. 17-18
• in the F clef: Theo Charlier: 32 etudes de perfectionnement no. 1
• sounding in the F clef: Vobaron: 34 etudes mélodiques no. 1

Recital pieces
• Horovitz : Euphonium concerto, volumes 1-2-3
• J. Rochut : Melodische Etüden, volume 2, no. 62 or similar, of equal difficulty