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Bart Claessens

Bart Claessens (born 1982) started playing the trombone at the age of eleven after having played the trumpet for several years. He also played the violin for a good number of years. Claessens studied trombone at the Rotterdam Conservatory with George Wiegel. He has had private lessons and participated in masterclasses with some of the greatest trombone players, such as Joseph Alessi, Michel Becquet, Bart van Lier and Christian Lindberg. Claessens joined the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam as a tenor and bass trombonist while still a student in March 2002, and was appointed Principal Trombonist of the orchestra in 2007.

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General admission requirements

Specific admission requirements Trombone

    Scales and chords
    • Play B-flat major scales over two octaves
    • Play the major and minor B-flat triad, in bandwidths of over two octaves.
    • Play the A flat chromatic scale, again over two octaves.

    Embouchure test

    • Play a mouth piece glissando over two octaves
    • Play a tone without the mouthpiece rim (intonation buzzing)

    Choice of:

    • G. Senon : 24 Petites etudes mélodiques
    • M. Bleger : 31 Etudes
    • G. Gallay : 15 Etudes de Style

    Recital pieces
    Choice of:

    • Charles Gaucet : Concertino pour trombone
    • C. Demersseman : Cavatine
    • A. Guilmant : Morceau Symphonique