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Marc Tooten

Marc Tooten (born 1957) teaches Viola in the Classical Music department at Conservatorium Maastricht. He also teaches Viola and Chamber Music at the Lemmens Institute in Leuven (Belgium) and gives masterclasses. Tooten studied at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and the Sweelinck Academy in Amsterdam.

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Ioulia Dinerchtein Matioukova

Julia Dinerstein (born 1968) was born in Minsk, where she began her music studies. After initially studying Violin at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow with Elizabetha Gilels and Andrei Korsakov, she proceeded to study Viola with Michael Kugel at Conservatorium Maastricht, where she gained her Soloist Master’s degree with distinction.

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Michaël Kugel

Michaël Kugel (1946) studied violin at the Beethoven School of Music and at the Music College in Kharkov (USSR). Later he studied viola, composition and conducting at the Leningrad Conservatory in St. Petersburg.

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General admission requirements

Specific admission requirements Violin


One étude, to be chosen from:
• B. Campagnoli : 41 Capricen Op. 22
• R. Kreutzer : 42 Etüden
• J. Dont : 24 Preparatory Exercises, Op.37
• F. Mazas : Études Spéciales/Brillantes Op. 36
• U. Drüner : Das Studium der Viola I
Or other études of a similar or higher level.

Recital pieces

Two recital pieces/sonatas of contrasting character, to be chosen from:
• P. Hindemith : Meditation
• P. Hindemith : Trauermusik
• W. Flackton : Sonates C, G, C (Schott), op. 2 nr. 4, 6, 8.
• G.Ph. Telemann: Concert in G
• G.Ph. Telemann: Phantasien for solo viola
• F. Liszt : Romance Oubliée
• A. Glazounov : Elégie
• J.S.Bach : Suite I, II, III (cello)
• F. Mendelssohn: Sonate in c kl.
Or other recital pieces of a similar or higher level
One movement of classical (of modern) concerto with cadenza