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Jan Cober

Jan Cober (born 1951) is a lecturer in Clarinet and Wind/Brass Band Conducting and a research coach at Conservatorium Maastricht. He also teaches at the Brabants Conservatorium in Tilburg and at various Conducting degree programmes in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Pieter Jansen

Pieter Jansen studied Piano with Jo Dusseldorp and Jean Antonietti, Percussion with Jean Semmeling and Conducting with Piet Stalmeier at Conservatorium Maastricht. He started his career as Principal Percussionist with the Limburg Symphony Orchestra in Maastricht. In 1985, he was appointed lecturer in Percussion and since 2008 he has also been a lecturer in Conducting at the Maastricht Conservatorium.

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General admission requirements

Specific admission requirements

• Practical command of conducting/baton techniques (beating some basic time signatures and fermatas).
• Conducting a march and a simple composition from the wind/brass band repertoire.
• Familiarity with wind and percussion instruments common in wind and brass bands
• An understanding of conductor's scores
• Some piano skills
• High-level mastery of a wind or percussion instrument
• Sufficient personality/charisma
• Excellent aural skills
• Natural authority when leading an orchestra