Junior Jazz Audition

Jazz Department Conservatorium Maastricht - Fr. Romanusweg 90
18:00 - 20:00

Junior Jazz Audition

Come, see, feel & hear: Jazz Music at Conservatorium Maastricht!

On Wednesday 29 May 2019, 18:00-20:00 we're organizing an Open Day (free entrance) where you can meet our Junior Jazz Students and Staff. Q&A, performances, workshops, informations, and more... Just tag along and join us!

Apply for Junior Jazz School auditions via roderik.povel@zuyd.nl

The Jazz School of the Junior Conservatorium...

...is one of the finest preliminary courses for Jazz and Contemporary music in The Netherlands. Our jazz building in the centre of Maastricht, in the centre of the Euregion, situates us in a vibrant, fertile and international location for your musical education and development to achieve its full potential.

At the Jazz School, we offer cutting edge lessons with experienced young professionals every Saturday. In addition, you will prepare for the entrance exam of our Bachelor's programme in jazz.

In the vast web of ‘Western' musical genres Pop, Rock, RnB, Rap, Soul, Funk, Blues, etc. Jazz is methodically the ideal music to get acquainted with all these styles.

Jazz has many liberties compared to other styles of music. After all, you improvise and create! You compose and build a personal sound. This requires a great and thorough knowledge of the structure of jazz music and its building blocks. You will take that structure apart and learn to build it back up to make a musical sculpture of your own.