Musica Sacra - Conservatorium Maastricht

Saturday 21 September 2019, 13:00 – 14:10, Theater aan het Vrijthof

String orchestra and soli

Joachim Junghanss - Imploration (string orchestra and piano)
Jan Ezendam Oratory (3 sopranos, strings, viola, cello, tubular bells and organ)

Joachim Junghanss, director of the Maastricht Conservatory, composes for the student string orchestra and himself at the piano Imploration, based on Ghanaian prayer rituals.

Jan Ezendam has a world premiere of Oratory for string orchestra and singing soli.

String orchestra conducted by Jan Ezendam.
With Joachim Junghanss piano, Dana Zemtsov viola and Rolando Fernandez.