Music Theatre Festival M4 - Dine Bahane & Cidade sen Luz

Muziekgieterij, Boschstraat 7 Maastricht

Muziektheater Festival M4 Music Theatre Festival M4

The festival will feature performances of six operas and runs from 26 June until 2 July.
M4 Music Theatre Festival is the best place to see how tradition and innovation come together. The festival aims to bring a fresh and different operatic experience to Maastricht. No binoculars or pearls required, just an open mind and the willingness to discover this genre. Let's get innovative, disrupt and challenge the genre of Music Theatre together with artists and the audience!

Cidade sen Luz

Director Peter Missotten
Composer Iago Hermo Martinez
Libretto Enzo Sarmiento
Language Galician
Duration 60'

Countertenor Bas van Damme
Soprano Larissa Pantaleão
Piano Iago Hermo Martinez

Dine Bahane

Director Peter Missotten
Composer Willie Arets
Libretto Esther Belin
Language English / Navajo
Duration 25'
Mezzo Cynthia Setiawan
Chorus Students Conservatorium Maastricht  
Sax 1 Arthur Demonceau
Sax 2 Francesca Fantini
Sax 3 Gergory Ksiondzyk
Sax 4 Ricard Martinez Berndó
Electric guitar Marco Longhi
Conductor Iago Hermo
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