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Esmée Bor Stotijn

As a backing vocalist, Bor has worked with artists including Berget Lewis, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Karin Bloemen, Freek de Jonge, Postmen, Rocq-E Harrell, Michelle David and The New London Chorale. She sang in the house band of Wim T. Schippers' TV programme 'Flogiston' for 20 shows.

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Sabine Kühlich

'I love teaching, I love developing each student's individual strong points and finding out about their artistic insights. It is a daily challenge to help them with all the technical possibilities but also open their minds to the unique art.'

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Susanne Schneider

Susanne Schneider performs with her own bands and as a member and guest soloist in many different bands and projects, in musical styles ranging from classic and modern jazz to bossa nova & pop. She is regularly invited for radio, television and CD productions. With her own band, she has developed jazz versions of German songs from the last century.

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General admission requirements
Specific admission requirements vocals jazz

Extra info
Please bring along:

1. Musical curriculum vita - short bio (1-2 pages) incl lessons, workshop, masterclasses, instruments, choir or combo experience and so on.
2. Motivation letter (how did you prepare, what do you like (1 page)
3. Last School diploma with grades
4. A list with the songs you learned/sang/worked on in the last year.

a) There will a pianist playing for you. So bring for the comping: your charts of the song in your key, 3times copied (including Melody transposed, chords and lyrics!)
b) feel free to bring your piano player or your own band!
c) you can also bring a playback - but we prefer to hear live-music.

6. Bring your Microphone if you have one!
7. Songs to sing:

Please prepare 3 songs in different styles!

- Preferred is at least one song from the great American Songbook in styles like: Swing, Latin, Ballad, Blues;
- Very welcome: one own composition;
- You can also sing a pop song, African song, Cuban song, one song from your country in your native language or share what kind of music is important to you.

At least one song has to be sung in English.

There is an extra room for warming up. You can use it 20min before you perform. The detailed scheduling happens in the welcome area at the day of your entrance exam.