Short Courses

The ‘short courses’ procedure:

You decide yourself which lessons you want, how many and by which teacher. Of course the teacher should agree and have the time to do it. The best way is to contact the teacher of your choice yourself. You can find the teachers on our website: The teacher can tell you how to prepare your audition. When you are accepted by the teacher(s), and you know how many lessons you want to take, you send an e-mail to Josien Mennen. She will send you a concept contract; when it is signed lessons can start. If you are a contract student and you want to pay in 3 installments, you need to have signed the contract before 1 September. A contract study after 1 September is sometimes possible, but only if the full amount is settled in one single payment.

For more information, please send an e-mail to Josien Mennen.

For an overview (Expertisecentrum Muziekeducatie Primair Onderwijs): click here or here.