Master of Music, Educational Track 

Are you a music teacher looking for more educational and artistic depth? Are you a musician with educational experience and ambition? If you have completed a Bachelor of Music in Education degree, this programme links up seamlessly. 
This two-year personalised Master's degree programme will broaden your career prospects. It will give you the chance to develop your talent and specialisation, training you to become a highly versatile music educator of the highest level. Lessons will be based on your entry level, motivation and learning questions. In addition, you will have the benefit of study career guidance and research coaching. In any case, you are an independent, enterprising and musical personality. 
You are not afraid of self-reflection and are aware of the social, cultural and international context of music education. 
This bilingual educational track of the Master of Music programme comprises programme components from the Master of Music (classical/jazz) as well as advanced educational study. On graduation, you will be awarded the Master of Music degree certificate. The core of the programme and the research, however, are oriented towards educational and music-educational issues from professional practice. 

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The Education Track of our Master of Music programme has a specific set-up and, compared to other Master's degrees in Art Education in Dutch higher professional education (HBO), it is characterised by an objective and matter-of-fact approach to art education, with a particular focus on the discipline of music. Courses such as music philosophy, art policy, educational theory and research skills ensure the development of a down-to-earth and critical view on the failure and success factors in art-educational reality. Another core element of the curriculum is the continued development of artistry on your instrument of choice. It is essential to find a relationship between these questions concerning your own artistic development and their relevance for the world of art education.

In this Master's track (120 ECs), you will be studying alongside Bachelor of Music in Education graduates, most of whom already work in (international) professional practice. This guarantees a solid knowledge base and substantive debate. You will be offered assignment-based learning by a small team of lecturers, providing tailor-made support. You will learn to examine critical situations in music education in a wellfounded way, and provide solutions to problems identified in the professional field. The weekly lectures will ensure that you develop in-depth as well as broad knowledge. There are two semesters in the first year of study. During both semesters, you will develop your artistic skills, the research questions, and conduct literature study. Year two is dedicated to your individual specialisation by means of the 'masterpiece': the extensive research and graduation project of the programme and the conclusion of the artistic learning process.
Because of its international character, the programme is offered bilingually (EN/DU). A sufficient/good command of the English language is recommended.

For more information, please contact Marc Rutten (, coordinator of this track.
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