Step 1

Do I have the required prior education?

If you want to study at Conservatorium Maastricht, you need to have obtained one of the following qualifications:

·       HAVO or VWO (Dutch General Secondary or Pre-University Education);
·       HBO (Dutch Higher Professional Education)
·       MBO (Dutch Senior Secondary Vocational Education) programme of at least 4 years with a            certificate stating that you have passed the final examination;
·       an equivalent state examination diploma or certificates
·       You must also meet certain language requirements, see our Language Requirements

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EU candidates

If you register before March 1, 2021 and pass the admission procedure and also meet the legal admission requirements you are guaranteed a place at the Classical programme.
Application between March 1 and May 1 is possible but we can not guarantee a place in the Classical programme.

Non-EU candidates
You must register before March 1, 2021. Applications after 1 March will not be accepted.

Need help?
If you need help with your application, please contact the Zuyd Enrolment Office,

Yes. I meet the above requirements

No. I do not have any of the listed qualifications. What do I do now?