Step 1

Do I have the required prior education?

Before you can take the entrance examination for Classical Music or Jazz, you need to check whether you have the right prior education and therefore the required general knowledge & development. If you want to study at Conservatorium Maastricht, you need to have obtained one of the following qualifications:

  • HAVO or VWO (Dutch General Secondary or Pre-University Education);
  • HBO (Dutch Higher Professional Education)
  • an MBO (Dutch Senior Secondary Vocational Education) programme of at least 4 years with a certificate stating that you have passed the final examination;
  • an equivalent state examination diploma or certificates.

Check your diploma here!

Language requirements

You must also meet certain language requirements: non-EU candidates will need to take a language test to determine whether they can communicate sufficiently in Dutch or English to be able to study at Conservatorium Maastricht. Candidates who cannot communicate sufficiently cannot be admitted.

Yes. I meet the above requirements

No. I do not have any of the listed qualifications. What do I do now?