Step 1

Do I have the required prior education?

Before you can take the entrance examination for the two-year full-time Master of Music in Classical Music or Jazz (120 ECs), you need to check whether you have the right prior education. You need to have at least:

  • a Bachelor's degree in Music, or attained a comparable level by other means, tailored to the requirements of the programme;
  • all non-EU applicants must meet the English language requirements for the Master of Music programme. If you cannot provide proof of your English language skills, e.g. a certificate, please contact the examination office for more information or a language test. Applicants who do not meet the English language requirements cannot be admitted.

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If you already have (part of) a Master of Music degree, you can request exemptions.

Yes. I meet the above requirements

No. I do not have any of the listed qualifications. What do I do now?