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Master of Music, Education Track

Are you a music teacher looking for more educational and artistic depth? Are you a musician with
educational experience and ambition? If you have completed a Bachelor of Music in Education degree, this programme links up seamlessly. If not? Check out our Bachelor of Music in Education programme or Music in Education Intensive programme.

This two-year personalised Master's degree programme will broaden your career prospects. It will give you the chance to develop your talent and specialisation, training you to become a highly versatile music educator. Lessons will be based on your entry level, motivation, and learning aims. In addition, you will have the benefit of academic guidance and research coaching. In any case, you are an independent, enterprising, and musical personality.
You are not afraid of self-reflection and are aware of the social, cultural and international context of
music education.

This bilingual educational track of the Master of Music programme comprises programme components from the Master of Music (classical/jazz) as well as advanced educational study. On graduation, you will be awarded the Master of Music degree certificate. The core of the programme and the research, however, are oriented towards educational and music-educational issues from professional practice.

For more information, please contact Marc Rutten, coordinator of this track, by email (