How to prepare for an entrance exam?

You need to register before you can take the entrance exam. After your audition you need to submit several documents. We have outlined the process below:

Audition Classical / Jazz

Conservatorium Maastricht will confirm receipt of your application and schedule your practical entrance examination, a theory examination and an oral theory examination.
The theoretical entrance exam will take place on the same day or the day after your practical exam. Exceptionally, this will be organized seperate from the practical part.
Please read the information about the main subjects in Classical Music or Jazz beforehand.

Click here for more information about the Audition & Additional requirements

Audition Music in Education

If you want to check out the requirements and audition dates for Music in Education, please click here. (in Dutch)

Additional requirement

You are not quite ready yet. Before 1 September, you need to upload the documents below to the link you will receive by mail to complete your enrollment, receive your student ID and gain access to your Zuyd University account. If you fail to do so, you will not be allowed to start your studies or access your account.

  • you must have proof of the required prior education;
  • you must have passed all parts of the entrance examination;
  • you must have proof of a sufficient command of Dutch or English;
  • you must have paid your tuition fees;
  • you must also submit the following documents:
    • a copy of your (valid) passport;
    • a copy of your diploma and/or certificates of your previous education;