Whether you are studying Classical Music, Jazz or Music in Education at Conservatorium Maastricht, if you need a professional recording for an audition, you can use our highly professional digital studio. It is equipped with high-quality equipment and microphones, and uses a Digidesign Protools 11 HDX harddisk recorder combined with a 32-fader DControl mixing console. This is a worldwide standard set-up. It gives you the opportunity to gain experience in a high-end studio environment and, for instance, to experiment with different recording styles over the course of a day, remixing and editing. There is a direct audio link between the studio and the concert hall, so we can make live recordings as well.

If you would like to know more about the technology or studio equipment, such as the mixers, recording systems or software, the microphones or video systems available, please contact Louis van Eeten.

If you want an overview of our equipment, check out the link!

Studio Equipment

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