Junior Jazz Department

For young jazz-oriented musicians aged 14 to 18, Junior Conservatorium Maastricht offers the Junior Jazz programme.

•    Playing in a jazz band all year long
•    Musical preparation to an international standard
•    Immediate access to a vibrant regional and international jazz network
•    Lessons by young top musicians who are active professionals
•    Free participation in various jazz projects, workshops and concerts
•    Inspiring team environment & personal monitoring
•    Education in English

The Junior Jazz Department of Conservatorium Maastricht…
...is one of the finest preparatory courses for jazz and contemporary music in the Netherlands. Our jazz building in the centre of Maastricht, in the centre of the Euregion, offers a vibrant, inspiring and international environment for your musical education and development, helping you to achieve your full potential. In January 2020 the Junior Jazz Department celebrated its fifth anniversary.

In the vast web of ‘Western' musical genres Pop, Rock, RnB, Rap, Soul, Funk, Blues, etc., Jazz is our collective consciousness and our methodical access to all of these styles.
You improvise and create music in the moment. You compose and build a personal sound.

Junior Jazz Curriculum
The Junior Jazz curriculum consists of group lessons and individual main subject lessons.
The weekly group lessons of Junior Conservatorium Maastricht are taught in the annexe of Conservatorium Maastricht on Saturdays (September-April) from 10:00 to 14:00. Individual lessons are scheduled in consultation with the relevant main subject teacher. 

The Junior Jazz programme is built on three perspectives: performance, theory and musicology. We look at the young musician from these different angles. Lessons include Band, Jazz Theory in Context (J-TIC), Jazz Rhythm, etc., supporting the individual development of each student which is monitored in the main subject lessons. The Junior Jazz Conservatorium is fundamentally a performance school. Students will spend most of their time playing or singing.

Band This is the Jazz Performance Ensemble. You study repertoire and prepare for a concert with a coach, working on every aspect of jazz performance imaginable e.g. timing & phrasing, form, comping, voicings, improvisation, dynamics, and so on.
Jazz-TIC: Jazz Theory In Context Our Jazz TIC concept lies at the core of the programme. To the jazz musician, music theory is the language one needs to learn to communicate in Jazz-land. While learning this theory, however, we never lose sight of its practical application. Hence the term “theory in context”.
You will be exploring the theoretical structure of Jazz Music in a hands-on way. Discovering the harmonic and melodic “spices” of Jazz and training aural skills are the core elements of this course.
Jazz Rhythm The single most salient aspect of jazz music may well be its rhythm. In this lesson we will cover the basics of this music, you will learn about the miraculous phenomenon of 'swing', you will study frequently-used riffs and patterns, play poly-rhythmic grooves together, improve your sight-reading skills, analyse tunes, etc. Using your arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, head and... voice.

Voice Training Whether you are a vocalist or an instrumentalist, singing is the perfect way to experience what music is really about. After all, the human voice is first and foremost a body part! In the Junior Jazz course you will learn to use your voice to support your musical development. You will practise basic techniques, sing together and gain awareness of harmony, melody, rhythm and dynamics using this wonderful and most personal instrument.

Main subject This is your private lesson in which you work one-on-one on your instrumental skills. 20 Sessions of 45 min. are integrated in the programme, additional lessons are possible (per set of five).

We always try to offer tailor-made solutions, so each student is offered the right kind of support.  
All lessons are a combination of practice and theory.
The lessons are taught in English.

Apart from the weekly group lessons and individual main subject lessons, the programme includes joint project activities such as concert tours, masterclasses, concerts and benefit evenings. A new programme is prepared every year, based on the group of students participating.

Meet the Team
Main Subject Teachers
Greg Torunski - Sax
Richard Didden - Trumpet
Mike Roelofs - Piano
Frank Giebels - Piano
Hlib Baisha - Guitar
Alexander Boerner - Electric Bass
Arnoud Gerritse - Drums
Roderik Povel – Vocals
Wolfgang Braun composition arranging composing
Ellen Bliek - Voice Training
Jos Heutmekers - J-TIC, composition

Junior Jazz Tuition Fees
The core curriculum includes the weekly group lessons (September-April), joint project activities and the concerts.
The stated prices are annual fees, payment in (5) instalments is possible.

Taster Classes
To experience what Junior Jazz is like, you can join the lessons. If you are interested in these taster classes, please contact the coordinator of the Junior Jazz programme: Roderik Povel, roderik.povel@zuyd.nl.

If you have any questions about Junior Jazz specifically, please contact the coordinator of the Junior Jazz programme: Roderik Povel, roderik.povel@zuyd.nl
For more information about Junior Conservatorium Maastricht, please contact the coordinator of Junior Conservatorium Maastricht: Renée Joosten, renee.joosten@zuyd.nl

Applying and Auditioning for Junior Jazz
The programme is open to young musicians aged 14 to 18 playing any instrument offered within the Jazz department. If you would like to join Junior Conservatorium Maastricht, you need to take an audition. The first stage of the audition involves submitting a video of you playing or singing. The second stage is a face-to-face audition day to assess your performance, ear and motivation. Please apply before 1 June 2021. More information about the application procedure and admission requirements can be found here.

Apply now

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