Jazz Preparatory Track

The Jazz Preparatory Track (the JPT) is our in-house preliminary programme, our pre-bachelor. This course focusses on talented and ambitious musicians who wish to prepare in a most thorough way for our Jazz Bachelor.

There are many different reasons to start your professional music education with our Jazz Preparatory Track:

  • You are already an experienced player, but Jazz and improvisation are relatively new to you.
  • You would like to feel extra certain before you make the step to the Bachelor programme.
  • You graduated high school and want to explore a possible study in Jazz music.
  • You just want to find out if a life in music suits you.

The Jazz Preparatory Track is a compact course that will immerse you in important aspects of Jazz Education like Theory, Performance, Methodology (“how to…”). The JPT is first and foremost a performance course. The Theory and Method lessons are designed to support your performance skills. The method training has a special place in the course for knowing how to study  enables you to effectively work on your own.

The lesson content ranges from general musical theory, functional harmony and ear training to improvisation techniques and the basics of singing, and lots more. Ensemble playing is in the center of the course – here all instrumental skills and theoretical knowledge comes together.


  • 21 weeks, 3 terms on Friday & Saturday (individual lessons possibly scheduled on other week days)
  • 20 Main subject lessons à 45 min.
  • Acces to all in-house jazz workshops and masterclasses (as auditor)
  • Immediate contact with the conservatorium community
  • Also open for non-EEA residents

Practical information

Contact coordinator roderik.povel@zuyd.nl.
Access through annual BA auditions. Subscription through studielink. Studielink is the Netherlands national portal for higher education subscription.


  • 21 Fridays and Saturdays from September to March
  • Mandatory concerts end of December & end of April

Tuition Fee

  • Course Fee 2020/2021 €1900,00
  • Additional private lessons (per set of five) €200,00